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Clams on 1/2 Shell • Six top necks on ice with cocktail sauce & Lemon 8.95
Shrimp Cocktail • Six Large Shrimp in the Rough on Ice with Cocktail & Lemon 7.95
Peel and Eats • A pound of shrimp (26-30) served on ice w/ cocktail & lemon or Hot & spicy steamed in Old Bay 28.95
Fishery Wings • Naked wings fried crispous buffalo saucew/bleu cheese OR garlic parmesan style
Steamed Piss Clams A pound of Maine Ipswich Clams steamed and served with butter 13.95
Mussels Special • a pound of mussels sauteed in olive oil garlic parsley and cracked black pepper 14.95
Mussels Marinara • a pound of mussels sauteed with Fresh Tomatoes, Olive Oil, garlic & herbs Hot or Sweet
Fishery Crab Cake • One of our Famous Lump Meat Crab Cakes - Fried Only 14.95
Steamed Little Neck Clams • Fisherman’s Dozen, Steamed with Clam Broth, Lemon & Fresh Parsley 12.95
Garlic Little Neck Clams • Fisherman’s Dozen, Steamed with Garlic, Olive Oil, Clam Broth, & Fresh Parsley 12.95
Clam Strips • a 1/2 lb.of Jumbo Clam Strips Breaded Daily and Fried 12.95
Chicken Fingers • Four Battered Tenders with Honey Mustard 8.95
Onion Rings • a Heap of Collosal Vidallia Onion Rings, Breaded & Fried served w/ Horseradish Dipping Sauce 8.95
Pickle Chips •Deep Fried P{ickle Chips served with Horseradish Dipping Sauce
Roll & Butter • Fishery Baked Roll with Butter 1.25
Buttered Jersey Corn on the Cob 2.95
Chowders & Soups
Chilled Carribean Soup 6.95
Lobster Bisque 7.95
Manhattan Chowder 3.95 Pints 7.95 Quarts 14.00
New England Chowder 4.50 Pints 8.95 Quarts 16.00
Fishery Salads

Field Green Salads - Organic Baby Field Greens, Tomatoes, Cukes, Olives, Croutons, with your Choice of Homemade Caesar Dressing, Balsamic

Vinaigrette, Honey Mustard or Blue Cheese

Baby Arugula Salad 10.95
Baby Arugula Salad with Fried Chicken 16.95
Baby Arugula Salad  with grilled or blackened Sword, Tuna, or Salmon 26.95
Field Green Salad
Field GreenSalad with a Fried & Sliced Chicken Cutlet 15.95
Field GreenSalad with Swordfish, Tuna or Salmon, Blackened or Grilled 26.95
All Sandwiches, served on a Fishery Baked Roll with Cole Slaw, Fries and the sauces they need.
Fishery Yellowfin Tuna Salad Roll
15.95 Fried Chicken Cutlet 9.95
Fishery Lobster SaladRoll 27.95 Fried Soft Shell Crab 17.95
Fishery Shrimp Salad Roll
Fried Shrimp or Scallops 15.95
Tuna, Swordfish or Wild Salmon 16.95 Lump Crab Cake 17.95
Your Choice Grilled or Blackened 14.95 Certified Black Angus Steak Burger 1/2 lb 10.95
Fried Flounder 15.95 Hot Dog 1/4 lb. Jumbo 7.95
The Lobster Twin Alaskan King Crab
Two 1 pound to 1 1/4 pound Canadian Lobsters Try the Fishery’s King Crab Legs
Steamed to Perfection, Split, Cracked and The Largest King Crab Legs in the World

Served with Fries, Cole Slaw,

Ear of Corn, Butter and Lemon

1 1/2 pounds
$35.95 Served the Same way as the Twin
Other Size Lobsters Available Priced by the Pound
Market Price
Family Specials
Number One - Feeds Four Number Two - Feeds Four

4 Fillets of Flounder

1 lb Clam Strips

12 Jumbo Shripm

Fries, Cole Slaw


20 Chicken Fingers


Cole Slaw Feeds Four


Number Three Number Four

20 Jumbo Shrimp



Cole Slaw

Feeds Four


(4) 1 1/4 lbs. Lobsters

1 Lb Cold Cooked Shrimp

4 lbs. Clams, Mussles or Mix

Fries, Cole Slaw, Butter

4 ears of corn

Feeds Four $125.95


Childrens' Menu

Kiddie Codder & Fries Battered Cod Fingers with Honey Mustard                            $8.95

Kiddie Shrimp & Fries                                                                                                        $12.95

Kiddie Chicken Fingers & Fries                                                                                          $8.95

Kiddie Pasta - Penne pasta with butter, parmesan cheese or Marinara & cheese   $6.95

The Best Pasta on the Island
Lobster RavioliEight Pouches of Lobster & Ricotta Cheese Poached in a Pink Lobster Sauce with two Shelled Lobster Meat 29.95
Penne Con Vodka with Jumbo Shrimp or ScallopsSauteed with Fresh Tomato Pomadore, Garlic, Fresh Basil & Herbs
Deglazed with Kettle One Vodka & Kissed with Cream & Parmesan Cheese 27.95
Jumbo Shrimp Scampi PastaOur scampi recipe only made better with a light garlic cream sauce mixed with Penne Pasta 27.95
Certified Black Angus Ribeyes, Ribs & Chicken
All Steaks Ribs and Chicken served with Fries & Cole Slaw
20 oz. Prime Rib SteakGrilled & Finished with our Garlic & Onion Steak Sauce 29.95
Add Sauteed Shrimp or Scallops 36.95
Steak PortobelloThe same 20 oz. Steak topped with Sauteed Portabella Mushrooms 33.95
The Fishery’s Baby Back RibsA full rack of Slow Hickory Smoked Baby Back Pork Ribs finished in our BBQ Sauce 28.95
Chicken TenderloinJumbo Battered Tenders Served with Honey Mustard 15.95
Buffalo Chicken Tenderloinstossed in our famous buffalo sauce, served with blue cheese 17.95
How It All Started
All Platters served with Fries, Slaw and the Sauces they need (must specify broiled when ordering)
Flounder DinnerYour choice Hand Breaded and Fried New England Style or Broiled 22.95
Jumbo Shrimp or Scallops DinnerYour choice Hand Breaded and Fried New England Style or Broiled 26.95
The Fishery Combo Flounder, shrimp and scallops, Hand Breaded and Fried New England. Style or Broiled 27.95
Fishery TwinsHand Breaded and Fried New England Style or Broiled your choice:
Northeast TwinScallops & Shrimp 26.95
North Twin Flounder & Scallops. 26.95

South TwinFlounder & Shrimp

Famous Fishery Crab CakesTwo large fresh all lump crab cakes made daily, fried only 29.95
Maryland Soft Shell CrabsTwo Crabs, Whale Size (The largest size that goes to market)
Your Choice Breaded and Fried or Sauteed in Garlic, Olive Oil and Lemon 29.95
Saul’s Scallops or Shrimp Lightly fried scallops or shrimp drizzled with a roasted garlic infused olive oil 27.95
Jumbo Clam StripsThree-quarters of a pound Hand Breaded Daily and Deep Fried 21.95
Beach Haven Fishery’s Signature Sautés & Grills
All Served with Fries & Cole Slaw
John’s Blushing Shrimp 27.95
You have to taste this to believe it. Jumbo shrimp sauteed with olive oil, fresh tomatoes, basil,
garlic and herbs and encrusted with bread crumb & parmesan cheese
Thai-phoon Jumbo Shrimp or ScallopsYour choice or combo, fried crispy & tossed with a spicy sauce over wilted field greens. 27.95
Jesse’s Garlic& Basil ShrimpJumbo Shrimp sauteed with Garlic, Olive Oil, Basil and Fresh Herbs 27.95
Jumbo Shrimp or Scallops Scampi Your choice or Combo prepared traditional scampi style 27.95
Buffalo Shrimp Crunchy Jumbo Shrimp tossed in our famous buffalo sauce served with blue cheese 27.95
Sizzling ShrimpFresh Jumbo Shrimp sauteed in our tantalizing garlic steak sauce with sweet vidalia onions 27.95
Tex Mex ShrimpFried Jumbo shrimp sauteed in Salsa, olives, spiked with chilpotle served with sour cream on the side 27.95
Tuna or Swordfish SteakYour choice Blackened or Grilled 26.95
Tuna BruchettaSushi Grade Tuna Loin grilled rare & topped with Fresh Tomatoes, Red Onion, Garlic, Basil,
Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Herbs & Kissed with Balsamic Vinegar 28.95
Sesame Crusted TunaSushi Grade Tuna Loin, rolled in seasoned black sesame seeds, seared rare, sliced & served with wasabi infused soy sauce 28.95
Asian TunaSushi Grade Tuna grilled rare and served on top of crispy asian noodles, drizzled with a wasabi cream terriaki sauce
black sesame seeds & cilantro 28.95
Tuna Wasabi Sushi Grade Tuna Loin grilled rare & topped with a Wasabi and Cucumber Sauce and encrusted
with Japanese Panko Bread Crumbs 28.95
Tuna Seaweed Sushi Grade Tuna grilled rare then topped with Seaweed Salad Laced with a Sesame Teriyaki Dressing 26.95
Steakhouse SwordfishLocal Sword Steak Grilled & Finished in a Pan with Sauteed Portabella Mushrooms 29.95
Swordfish Lobster ButterGrilled & Drizzled with a Lobster Infused Garlic Butter with a whole shelled lobster meat on top 32.95
Florida GrouperPoached with onions, tomatoes & olive oil our magic way, Crusted with Bread Crumbs and Parmesan Cheese like you’ve
never had before 29.95
Alaskan Halibut PicattaSeabass steak sauteed with olive oil, lemon, butter, capers & white wine 29.95
Broiled Stuffed Flounder with Crabmeat Two pieces of fresh flounder stuffed with our own crabmeat 28.95
Broiled Stuffed Jumbo Shrimp with CrabmeatFive Jumbo shrimp stuffed daily with our own crabmeat 28.95
Wild Alaskan Salmon Fillet Grilled then glazed with Lemon Butter Dill, Ginger Teriyaki sauce or
Lumberjack Style with Pacific Northwest BBQ Sauce or Blackened 28.95

There’s only One that compliments the Fishery’s awesome meals.

The Fishery’s Famous Key Lime Pie 3.95 a Slice or 16.00 for the pie